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Soul Readings and the state of alpha 

Working as a psychic I have come to recognise that I do soul readings all the time.

You may wonder what soul readings are? There is more involved than just touching someone’s soul.

 But I believe to read someone soul you need to focus on the eyes. As you look into someone eyes you’re opening the door to that person’s soul and if they keep eye contact they are allowing you to look deeper into them.

This is where the old saying people can not look at you when they are lying.

 This is also reason why people with the lack of self esteem and confidence can not maintain eye contact. They will not allow people to look at them for the fear of acceptance. This can create a barrier when working in this method. If you allow yourself to be open and relaxed while receiving a reading it will give a more accurate reading.

 As I work in a one to one basis my main focus is in my clients eyes. Looking deep into the eyes I begin a visualization process. This process takes me on a journey learning where this soul has been. It is like a soul imprint. You can go in to past lives with using this method. But the call for this is not demanded upon. People wish to know more about their current life and how they can verify everything you say also giving them guidance about where they are going and how they will get there.

From doing soul readings I have mastered an ability to work form clear photographs.

I have been doing soul readings more and more. As this has become demand and has become increasing larger than normal the more people become aware of it.

Soul reading can be mistaken as clairvoyance and very often I do term my readings as this but the difference is your making the connection with the soul and it is the soul that tells you where it’s been and where it would like go through your clairvoyance and visualisation techniques that enables you to see. Understanding this process will help you perform more in depths readings about your clients. You may even be able to work with the soul of the spirit realm once you have mastered this.

It was my younger bother who introduced me and taught me about soul reading he had made travels to America and had mastered it with while living there. The Native American used to use soul readings as their culture. It is not so commonly known in this country but I feel it’s an ability some of us use with out being aware. Like all our natural instincts some of us switch of to it and some us really tune in and go with our gut instincts.

The Native American Indians where also great healers and used this method for healing. They would look into your eyes and the soul would guide you to an area that may need treatment. They would know intuitively exactly know how to heal by the soul being guided with their own intuition. The Native American Indian new exactly the right herbs that were needed to make the medicine. They did not often have the need to communicate as we do today. They did not have mobile phones or modern forms of communication but Indians always new when a loved one was ill.

Over time I have spent studying different forms of readings and the main way of working for me is through my soul readings. I may use props and divining tools but I always use my soul reading while working. I feel this helps me to really tune in and accentuate my intuition.

If you are also a born medium you will already know how to read the soul of a spirit being in the same manner. Looking deep in to the eyes they form images and spirit themselves will also tell you the history but will show deep into their soul to express the messages that have to be delivered. This may take longer to develop and is slightly more advanced

As a beginner learning to work with souls sounds complicated but learning how to relax the soul can make soul readings easier, both for you and the client. You can use relaxation techniques and different forms of meditation. This after all does helps to change your state of consciousness allowing you to work truly with your psyche. Once you are in the state of alpha you will also unlock your intuition which will guide you while doing a soul reading. It is best to take this experience light heartedly and record in notes your findings. This will help you to master soul readings.

How do we get into the state of alpha and what does it mean you may ask if you’re a complete beginner? Basically the state of alpha is a state of consciousness. The Alpha state is best described as "wakeful alertness" with a relaxation component. Our brains are producing Alpha Waves when we are in that twilight zone just awakening in the morning, for example, and at times when we are relaxed, focused and in the zone.

 Our brains are producing a rhythm of 7-14 cps, where as with normal conscious thought we are producing a Beta rhythm of 14 cps and up. Think of it as fast zigzag lines on a graph comparing it to slower rolling waves on a graph. That's the difference between Beta and Alpha brain rhythms.

I've meditated for years and have found that Alpha helps me sleep, produces a mild euphoria, and just makes me feel better. You don't need expensive biofeedback equipment to achieve the Alpha state - to slow down the mind and relax the body. All you need some simple instruction and about 10-15 minutes per day to feel a difference. Granted, I haven't found total relief from meditation, but it certainly helps with anxiety and depression.

When working as a psychic medium I find I do my quick meditation before any readings or work in a spiritual nature, with out thinking it becomes automatic. I truly believe it benefits all my readings. Practising both meditation and soul readings together you may even shock yourself in the way it works really well together and can blend with many other types of readings.

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